The Safest Kiosks for the Best in Community Safety

  • Heavy Duty Steel Medical Waste Kiosks
  • Attractive and Sturdy Biohazard Containers
  • Duel Locks and Safety Chute

Advowaste medical waste kiosks provide an easy, accessible and secure way to dispose of sharps needles and pharmaceutical waste. These high quality metal kiosks enable public service departments and communities to offer safer medical waste disposal options to all. By creating simple and safe solutions, we are doing our part in helping keep people and the environment safe.

sharps needle kiosk container

Advowaste was founded with the goal of assisting the public with cost-effective and reliable medical waste disposal solutions. Our high-quality sharps disposal kiosk program is one of the ways that we do so. Advowaste is fully licensed and insured, and we make sure our clients are always in full compliance with all of the latest federal and state regulations. Our heavy duty 38 gallon metal outdoor kiosks make sure of that. Your medical waste and used needle contents will be safe & secure, and provide years of trouble-free service.

East Coast Division

10 Post Office Square 8th Floor South #810 Boston, MA 02109

West Coast Division

18444 N 25th Ave #420 Phoenix, AZ 85023

Buy the best 38 gallon capacity sharps disposal Kiosk available on the market today. Our sturdy metal kiosks are made from galvannealed steel to protect from corrosion in even the harshest outdoor weather conditions. Our sharps disposal kiosks are heavy duty products that are a great choice where aesthetics and durability are a necessity. Utilizing a "chute" type loading door, contents are secure and can not be removed unless the service door is unlocked. Our kiosks be used as for used sharps disposal (CE138-CH-S) or pharmaceutical disposal (CE138-CH-P). They have a stainless steel lined loading chute for durability as well as safety. Used sharps safely drop into a 38 gallon capacity regulated biohazardous waste liner, which comes with a secure lid for safe removal. We also provide superior medical waste and used sharps needle pickup services for when your kiosk needs servicing, at a rate much lower than your current provider. Our attractive yet sturdy containers will secure your contents while offering years of trouble free service, and can be cost effective since they require less frequent pickup scheduling. You can choose from a variety of colors and they conveniently arrive fully assembled. Call us today at 855-603-5100 for the best pricing and ask about our discounted rates when you order multiple kiosks.